Welcome to Davies & Coffey Osteopathy in Horsforth

Osteopathy is an established physical treatment for musculoskeletal disorders in all their variety. We look at the physical imbalances that can lead to pain or poor physical function.

From our base in Leeds our team of fully qualified osteopaths has been providing osteopathic care in Horsforth, Leeds for twenty five years, with our patients coming from all over Leeds. The primary reason people visit us is for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Every attempt will be made to accommodate people as swiftly as possible. The principles of osteopathic care are equally applied to the treatment of childhood conditions.

An Osteopath recognises the importance of a holistic approach so the context in which musculoskeletal problems arise and then persist is fully appreciated. Treatment in our Leeds practice only starts following comprehensive case history taking and an examination. This is augmented by advice on physical self-management and exercise where appropriate.

At Davies and Coffey in Horsforth, Leeds we will endeavour to find a solution to your problem even if that requires referral back to your own doctor or requests for further medical investigation.

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